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About Us

This Council offers an industry first corporate to corporate group, with a mission to:

  • provide practical guidelines and support on implementing a supplier diversity programme inclusive to all diversities

  • collaborating with government for tighter guidelines on supplier diversity

  • Support network for all corporations

Council members commitment

  • Commitment of time and equal contribution of high standard tangible outputs. 

  • Upholds professionalism, respect and enables safe space to speak.

  • Confidentiality.

And in return…Participation in a significant developmental step in equality and fairness in the UK’s sourcing approach and to be recognised as a forerunner in championing supplier diversity, as well as individual recognition through contribution to the GSA supplier diversity guidelines/programme of work across the whole industry.

Our Role

DEFINITION: Exploration of how supplier diversity can bring innovation and efficiencies through inclusion in a competitive sourcing process; corporate commitment to understanding fundamental determination to work harder at the front end of a procurement process – workforce motivation, understanding and investment is crucial.

SUPPORT: Provision of corporate –to-corporate support in championing and promoting the benefits of diverse suppliers, whilst also ensuring the inclusion and effective management of diverse suppliers as a part of the procurement process. Supportive and supplementary key documentation and best practice framework to assist in execution of a Supplier Diversity programme of work. *Government endorsement*



COLLABORATION: Unique collaboration with diverse supplier representative agencies/organisation to platform wider use of diverse suppliers as well provide a clear connect for corporates.  Continuous improvement through collaboration and extension to global reach.

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