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Why supplier diversity is vital for your supply-chain survival

Diversity in your supply chain has recently become a leading indicator for your company’s ability to survive the disruption caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic and recover from the economic stresses which will continue well into the future.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Supplier Diversity

'Supplier diversity' (also known as 'inclusive procurement') is considered to be the proactive activity undertaken by contracting authorities to ensure that all relevant, potential suppliers have the fair and equal opportunity to complete for business within their supply chains. This can include micro, small and medium enterprises (broadly those with fewer than 10, fewer than 50 and fewer than 250 employees respectively), social enterprises, 'local' vendors (where 'local' is defined by the scope of the contract) and enterprises that are majority owned and controlled by minority groups including, but not limited to, ethnic minorities, immigrants, women, LGBTQ+ people, armed forces veterans and people with a disability (Professor Monder Ram OBE).

Support for ethnic minority entrepreneurs helps 11,000 businesses get off the ground

More than 11,000 black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) entrepreneurs have received government-backed Start Up Loans since 2012 according to research published today.

Start Up Loans were introduced to tackle inequality in society by ensuring that people from all backgrounds can access the money they need to start a business.

D&B Supplier Diversity Data

Turning diversity data into strategic opportunities - With the UK Government and EU Commission having already identified Small and Medium Enterprises sector as a driver for economic growth more and more programs are aimed to channel spend through SME's.

Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Resources

WeConnect International have a whole host of information and resourcing surrounding Supplier Diversity including the business case, women owned suppliers, research and best practice

Negotiating a Supplier Contract through the SRM lens

Five ways to increase supply chain diversity and compliance 

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